Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hi again!

We are hoping that we have not been forgotten since it has been quite awhile since we have posted. Things are finally starting to settle down in our house and we are getting a routine. Nemo wanted to share how he was helping with the baby for Mancat Monday but Monday came and went for a few weeks and then with the holiday Mom didn't realize it was Monday. Nemo is trying to be a good helper with baby Owen. Here he is helping with a diaper change.
Hopefully we can post more frequently. Mom is starting her new job on the 1st of June so we will see if that works out. We are visiting our friends but just haven't been able to post much or comment often. Please don't forget about us.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

photo hunt-walking

Today's photo hunt theme is walking. This is an easy one for us since we like to go walking. Mom and Dad took Owen walking yesterday and then came back and Mom took us out walking too. She really wants to get a stroller so we can all stroll together. Our neighbors think we are funny cats on leashes, I can't imagine what they would say if they saw us in a stroller.