Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Kats are back in town!

Guess Who's back?!? Mom has decided to try and let us blog again. She is always going on about being so busy but she is always on the computer. We had a scary turn with Nemo this last week which made us all want to find our friends again on the blogosphere and catch up. Here is what we have been up to.

I've been peeing on things. I know I'm not supposed to but I am not happy with that Owen being here. Just when they think they have me figured out and solved I pee on something new. Most of my peeing is in Owen's room so I'm not allowed to go in there anymore which stinks because he has a window with a view. When it was cold I snuggled with mom. She rolls around too much and then I have to wake her again with my whiskers so she can lift the blanket so I can get situated. It has been nice lately so we got to go outside. I like to walk around all over but Nemo just wants to sit in the dirt. We don't get out often because it is a lot of work with the kid there. My brother got sick and I mean really sick but he is all better now so he is back to trying to eat my food.


So guys, I got sick. I ate and then I puked and puked and puked all over the house I felt miserable. My people kept offering food and I didn't want to see it at all. There was all this worry about my insulin and that my sugars would be too high or too low. Then I peed on my foot. I still made it to the litter box so I don't know why they complain so much but it was embarrassing to have a stinky foot. Mom kept saying I smelled funny but dad didn't think so. They called the vet anyway so I got to go see all the ladies there. Of course I wouldn't eat for them at first, gotta make them work for their money. They stole my blood and my sugars were high but nothing else so they gave me some fluids and by the time my people got off work, I was all better and eating again. I got something with ketones in my body and I was sick but better now. I just needed some extra pampering and attention is all. That Owen kid has been loving on me. He usually pets nice but he scares me sometimes so I tend to hide under the train table. He likes to tell me I'm soft and give me kisses. He is alright and sometimes he even drops food. Not much has happened other than that excitement. Hopefully we can get on the computer more and see our friends. Hope you are all still there.