Friday, December 31, 2010

Secret Paws... Finally!!!!

OH MY CATS! We got out Secret Paws right before Christmas and Mom said we had to wait to open it. Then she kept saying she was too tired to do it. Like it was all that hard. Oh boy was it fun when we got to open it. Mom says she bets the Mailman thinks we are crazy people. Oh well. Our Secret Paws gift from Perfectly Parker. Boy it is a good gift.
Look at that box! It is a work of art in itself.We are checking it out!
Look at all that came in our present!Nemo loves everything in the basket.

We are having so much fun with all our new presents. Thank you so much Perfectly Parker and family. We hope our Secret Paws got their gift as well and like it. This was so much fun.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Mrowin Christmas

Mrow, my nose hurts. Mew famahly went norf for teh Holerdayz and becuz I mrow so much un the Kar they thought I would be butter in a carrer. Wellz I jus got so mrowin worked upz that I smooshed muz noze against the carrier an kut it up ruel bad zoz they had to let me oot so I could purrs on my momz lap. I shoez them whoz puttin whoz in a carrer.