Friday, March 19, 2010

We're not gunna take it

Rrrrrrrrr, we don't get on the interwebz vurrry much any moar because this baby is always chasing us around! I got a whiff of fresh air the other day and I've been purrrrring as loud as I can but mom and dad won't take me outside. Noaw they saz it's the white stuf out again..... Betus Brother got to go out in the sun but I didn't. That makes me mrowing mad. Mom and Dad are real stressed out because of something about closings getting moved because of underpants. They say as soom as the bank finishes the loan through underpants we can close the door and move into our new house. Dad promised to concoct some patchacat grazing enclosure for me. Time to go bup Betus cat in the face for getting to go out in teh sum.