Wednesday, June 16, 2010

They stole some teefs!

Mom and Dad have pictures but have to find the battery charger first. I went to my vet thingy yesterday. I had to be shoved in a pet taxi which is not fun as a big mancat I am. They shaved my leg, gave me drugs. Next thing I know, I wake up but I still feel funny. Don't worry, I can eat still. That is all.

Mom update: Nemo had to have 2 teeth removed. One was a bag molar and the other one of the small front teeth. It seems to take Nemo forever to completely be out of the anesthesia. He was of course hungry when he got home and very loopy and jumpy. This morning he is back to normal. He does have pain meds for 3 days and antibiotics for 10. He has gingivitis so it should help take care of some of that. They said he might not eat for 2 days but they obviously don't know Nemo. He came home and devoured his wet food. I don't think he is bothered by it at all. He also got his nails trimmed while under.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

We are grounded!

Mom won't upload any pictures or finish our updates until later this week because we are grounded. Mom and Dad say we were naughty but we don't see it that way. You see, Saturday we got lots and lots of rain and the basement flooded. Weird plumbing guys were here with hoses and tubes and made noise. Then, Mom, Dad and the screaming one left for a wedding reception. They just left us home with a wet basement. Mom and Dad came home late, it was 11 PM and it was passed our bed time. When they pulled in the driveway they saw two glowing eyes which belong to me, Patches. I hissed and growled at them and ran away. Then they saw Nemo hiding in a bush. Of course they go scoop him up and he is too dumb to run. Mom follows me around on my adventure and I finally let her catch me. My paws were getting wet and muddy. We had escaped by pushing a screen out. Mom figures that there must be another cat out there. We see it from time to time using the garden for a litter box. We just wanted to check out this big litter box ourselves. Needless to say, they were not happy to come home to us after a long day. Nemo also has something to say.

Hi guyz, I's gonna go to vet this morning. I haf to haf my teef cleand. I neber done this before. My gums are all red and I los a toof not too long ago. I'm ascaired about it for sure. The vet man seyz I may lose more teef at the cleanin. I will let you know I made it out alive when I get my bearings and get home.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The cats are back in town!

I, Patches, just want to say that I am greatly displeased at not getting to blog for a squillion years. Don't worry, I am getting my revenge. Want to know how? I have been peeing on things. A pile of clean Owen clothes-pee. Oh you left a towel on the bathroom floor-pee. Look at that, a plastic bag full of stuff from the store-what a great place to pee. Nemo's bed-double pee. The people I have who are terrible to me thought maybe something was wrong. I do poop and pee in the litter box. I only will use one of the litter boxes and if Nemo drops a bomb, I refuse to use it. Nemo of course makes his rounds to all of the litter boxes. I'm still not sold on this corn litter business either but they keep at it. But I was hissing mad and I make sure they know. We are going to do an update of sorts on the months we have been missing. So much has gone on in our house. We even got a different house. I hope people will remember us and come back. We miss our cat friends. We did a post in January, a single crummy post. I will have to find something to pee on just thinking about it. Here is our January summary.

Here is what the brat Owen looked like in January. He even has food on his face. He should clean his face better.The beginning of January, the people who must not be named started talking about buying a house. We have moved twice before and we don't like it at all. Nemo thought if they couldn't find him, they wouldn't move. Too bad he can't go five minutes without wanting food or dropping bombs or this plan might have worked.
Here we both are. Nemo is depressed because he continues to have his bloods stolen every few weeks. Here I am, trying to see if I can pee on this chair no doubt. This is about as close as we get to one another. If I would have known he was there, I would have bopped him.

In other January news, Owen took swim classes so the people were very busy. There were also a lot of sick days which meant a lot of snuggling on the bed. We like those days. Owen had lots of ear infections which meant a lot of doctors and a lot of screaming. Nemo's blood sugars were all over the place and there was discussion of him having to go into the vet all night. We are leveled off, we will explain that later though. Check back for February updates. I'd like to say there are more pictures of us but that Owen thing hogs the camera and chases us now so photography is getting a bit difficult.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

We are coming back!

Mom feels real bad about not blogging for so long. But guess what cats. We are coming back. We have lots to tell you about lots of stuff. Stay tuned this weekend for a brand new post with pictures.