Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Photos!

Hi everyone. Nemo has been hogging the blog lately with all his diabetus talk so I thought it was my turn. Mom and Dad had lots of leaking eyes for a few days and lots of time on the computer looking stuff up and then some complaining about monies. Now, they are working on our diet and hoping we can get this under control. We are so thankful for this community of cats and love all the purrs and thoughts for us. We are looking at the bright side. Nemo doesn't even notice the shots, but hates the eye drops he has for his icky eye. Mom tried to do a Christmas photo shoot with us today. Nemo is the only one that ever cooperates though.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Mrooow. I'm having a turrrible murning. I've lost a lot of weight ovur the past couple of months. My peoples are always telling me I need to loose weeght so then when I did they were all worried. Mruh eye is all goopy from consumptioniveris I get errry year so dad took me in to the vet. The doktor poked at me and prodded me and rubbed my eyes. He says 3rd year in a row I have consumptioniveris.

I thought I was done but then he took muh bloods and went away fer an awful long time. After sooo long he come back wif needles and bottles and tell dad that I has diabetus.

Then the doktor wanted dad to give me my furst shot. Dad doesn't like the needles, something to du with botched needles during foot surgury. Dad sucked it up and gaf me my shot. I have to get 2 shots a day now to make me healthy. Dad and doktor talked for a long tyme about the diabetus.

Then dad, took me to the front office and talked some numburs with the lady at the desk. Dad made a loud sigh when he handed over his debit kard. Dad says I'm luky he loves me over his poketbook. I told him Mrow Mrow Mrow (treat me now for taking me to the doktor).

Dad says everything will be fine now that I am on this medafunk.

Going to the vet!

We have been using the World's Best Cat Litter now for a week. I think it is working pretty well. I know Nemo is using it but I never see Patches in the litterbox. We still have another litter box with the regular litter in it. We were happy that not only are we using a cat litter that isn't full of chemicals, it is also made in Iowa, where we live. That makes us happy.

In other news, it looks like Nemo needs to go back to the vet. His eye is getting all read and goopy again. We battle this every year it seems like. We are also going to see what the vet says about Nemo's weight. Mom is concerned, Nemo has been on the diet of dry food but continues to eat wet food and other food but he looks so thin. We are going to see what the vet says.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Litter Help

Sorry we have been absent. Our mommy has been sick on and off for a month so she was too lazy and tired to help us blog. We have been visiting though, just not commenting. We have a problem and really need the help of the cat blogosphere.

We have been using Fresh Step litter since the beginning of time. We have two, sifting covered cat boxes. Mom is sick of the litter dust and litter getting stuck in our paws. She is also sick of feeling that she is being bad to the environment by using all this icky cat litter. We have been trying to get away from chemicals as much as possible and have been really paying attention to our food and what is in it. Now we want to look into different litter solutions. Mom and Dad went to Petsmart today and they purchased feline pine clumping and World's Best Cat Litter. We are going to try them both and see what we like. The idea of flushing our litter clumps sounds great. Much better than putting in a walmart sack like we usually do. Can you tell us what kind of litter you use and if anyone has recommendations that would be great. I'm hoping to not have to purchase 2 new litter boxes but will if need be. So please help us figure out what is the best non-clay based cat litter.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Look what we got!

So we have been searching Hallmarks for this and we gave up finding it. Then Mom and Dad made a quick stop in a store and found the whole section and low and behold there was the card. Mom and Dad jumped around and told the people they were with that they knew the cat on the front and that we were all a part of the cat blogosphere. Boy, did they learn their lesson. Don't mention that your cat blogs and that you read other cat blogs and expect people to take you seriously. Oh well!

And just an update from all the comments. We cannot imagine going to the vet any other way than on our leashes. We have both only been in a PTU when we went for surgeries so we do not even like to see that thing. On the diet front, Nemo was sitting on our regular scale and it said 14lbs. Now that might not be accurate but he looks a lot thinner already. He has learned how to knock a bag of food over and get into it now so we have to keep things put away. We are also not that strict on that diet so Nemo does get to eat some people food and his regular stinky goodness and treats. We have cut down on fancy feast to only once a week so that seems to be making the biggest difference.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Vet Visit-Thursday 13

So we haven't been on to blog because we are hissed off. Here are 13 things we heard when we went to the vet.

1. Wow those cats do well on leashes.
2. You guys are so pretty and handsome.

3. Wow, that is a big cat.

4. Bark, Bark

5. That bump on Patches foot must be some sort of wart.

6. The dandruff is probably more annoying for the people than the cat.

7. Don't be scared.

8. You only need one shot today.

9. Everything checks out good.

10. We will see you again next year.

11. Patches weights 11.19 lbs

12. Nemo weighs 16.8lbs

13. We need to put you guys on a DIET!

We've been on the diet for a month. Patches isn't much of a problem but it is easier to put them both on the diet because Nemo will eat her food anyway. Nemo seems to be lighter as it isn't as painful as he walks on us and his harness is looser. But boy does he meow for his food in the morning. We hope to get on more often. Stay tuned for more pictures.

Happy 6 month Birthday to our brother Owen.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Oh My Cats!

Nemo here. Thanks to everyone who stopped by the blog to wish me a happy birthday. I wanted to post earlier about my birthday coming up and then about my birthday but I've been real lazy. I also just got out of my nip coma from my birthday. My mom thinks I might have a problem. See, I'm a nip addict and I'm a mean one at that. I accidentally bit my mom because she had been giving us pinches of nip and I thought her hand was nip. Once you get on that nip, it does funny things to your vision. I just wanted to share some pictures from my birthday. I didn't get a tuna cake because for the last couple weeks we have periodically ran out of stinky goodness and the humans were too lazy to go to the store so we have been getting tuna some days. Sounds like we should run out of stinky goodness more often.

Here I am eating a catnip cane. I'm intense.
This is my mean face. I was trying to eat the catnip sprinkles.I got the munchies and mom shared her vanilla pudding, even though I bit her.

I had a great birthday. It is actually my gotcha day though. We aren't real sure when I was borned but I was brought home on labor day. Oh well, a party is a party.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Catch up on Tuesday

Some crazy things have happened around here. Remember when we had a bat? Well, we have had 2 more bath instances in the last 2 weeks. Maybe it was the same bat, who knows? The first time baby Owen had woken up and wouldn't go back to sleep at 5 in the morning so we went downstairs. Mom thought she saw something fly by and we ran after it. Mom grabbed Owen and we all got locked upstairs until Dad caught it. Then, a week later Mom was sleeping and it was 4AM and she heard something funny and thought it was the fan. She opened her eyes and there was a bit flying around. We all hid in Owen's room and he didn't even wake up. We think we got all the bat places sealed up, we hope. You can imagine all the excitement. We just have been too tired to post.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Long Overdue Mancat Monday

Hi guys! Remember us? Dad finally got his imac back so we can post pictures. We usually use a macbook but Mom's wireless has been sickly lately so it doesn't always work. Besides, all the good pictures are on the imac. It was a little bit hot this weekend and I was a little bit lazy as you can see.

My sardine is so far away!

So close but I'm too lazy to move.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Contest and Update

So we've been kind of MIA lately since we made our contest. We were a little sad that only one cat family answered. We'd like to be able to post more regularly so we are not forgotten. We have been having some computer and blogger problems so that's why we are so late in posting our results. Our mom's laptops wireless is not working properly, dad's imac is at the doctor and then when we could get on blogger made our whole post go away. We were all a little frustrated with technology so we decided to cuddle first. Mom has to use dad's imac because that is where the pictures are but it is still at the doctors so we'll have to use an old picture for our post. We will be back soon though and get back to posting. We have lots of new pictures to show off.

The only person to respond and the one who got all the questions right were The Creek Cats. We will show pictures of what they won once we got the computer back this week.

1. When is Patches birthday?April 14

2. When is Nemo's birthday?September 5ish

3. What states have we lived in?Wisconsin and Iowa

4. What big event happened in our family this year?Baby Owen was borned

5. What is our favorite food? Fancy Feast of course

6. What do we love most of all? Boxes

7. What was Nemo's Halloween costume? Pirate

8. What was Patches Halloween costume? Angel

9. Do we like the outside? Yes, but Nemo needs to go slow or he gets scared.

10. What do we want our mom to buy us so bad?A stroller

11. What does Nemo usually wear?A bandana

12. What kind of treats do we eat?Temptations

13. What town do we live in? Grinnell, Iowa

Thursday, July 9, 2009

100th Post contest!!!!!

Today is our 100th post! We've been trying to get mom to help us type for days now but she was waiting for who knows what. We are going to do a Thursday 13 contest today too. We have 13 questions and the person to get the most questions right will get a prize. We will take submissions until July 12 at 11:59PM. We promise they won't be too hard.

1. When is Patches birthday?

2. When is Nemo's birthday?

3. What states have we lived in?

4. What big event happened in our family this year?

5. What is our favorite food?

6. What do we love most of all?

7. What was Nemo's Halloween costume?

8. What was Patches Halloween costume?

9. Do we like the outside?

10. What do we want our mom to buy us so bad?

11. What does Nemo usually wear?

12. What kind of treats do we eat?

13. What town do we live in?

We will post the answers and winner on Monday morning. Mom made a deal with Dad that every night she gets 30 minutes to help us blog. We think that is not enough to do everything we want but we will take what we get. I bet if we are real cute we will get a few more minutes.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

We are melting!

It is so hot here. Mom said there is a heat advisory until later tonight. The heat index is 110. We have air conditioning downstairs and in the bedroom upstairs but we are funny and lay at the top of the steps where it is the hottest and look pathetic. I'm hiding under this table to stay away from the sun. We hope the heat goes away soon so we can go outside.

Friday, June 19, 2009

International Box Day

Sorry we have been missing lately. We have been busy roasting in the heat and taking care of Owen. We couldn't resist begging mom to post for international box day.
As you can see, we are big fans of boxes. We love boxes. We hope to be back blogging soon.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tummy Tuesday

Just so you know that I am helping out with the baby as well. I don't like to get too close but I model behaviors for him to learn. Here I am showing him how to roll and showing off my belly.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hi again!

We are hoping that we have not been forgotten since it has been quite awhile since we have posted. Things are finally starting to settle down in our house and we are getting a routine. Nemo wanted to share how he was helping with the baby for Mancat Monday but Monday came and went for a few weeks and then with the holiday Mom didn't realize it was Monday. Nemo is trying to be a good helper with baby Owen. Here he is helping with a diaper change.
Hopefully we can post more frequently. Mom is starting her new job on the 1st of June so we will see if that works out. We are visiting our friends but just haven't been able to post much or comment often. Please don't forget about us.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

photo hunt-walking

Today's photo hunt theme is walking. This is an easy one for us since we like to go walking. Mom and Dad took Owen walking yesterday and then came back and Mom took us out walking too. She really wants to get a stroller so we can all stroll together. Our neighbors think we are funny cats on leashes, I can't imagine what they would say if they saw us in a stroller.

Monday, April 27, 2009


We feel so famous lately because we keep having pictures and news on the cat blogosphere. Mom went on this morning and saw this:
We want to thank Ann at Zoolatry for making this great graphic. There was one made before as well that we didn't get posted but we thank you still. Now that all the help has left the cats seem to finally realize that he isn't leaving. They are getting closer and more comfortable being around him. Patches finally forgave Mom and is sleeping next to her again. Hopefully we will have more baby and cat pictures soon.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Easy Like Sunday Morning!

It has been a whole week since Mom and Dad came home with this little screaming thing. We are adjusting better than Mom and Dad expected. Patches is starting to forgive Mom and sitting on her lap again. Nemo even gave some rubs to Owen's head. We want to thank you all for visiting our blog and leaving such great comments about our new addition. The basket started out as a way to introduce the cats to the baby. Owen has taken to the basket and loves to sleep in it for naps. It is about the same size of the bassinet at the hospital. Luckily Owen sleeps well at night and Mom is starting to recover and is able to move up and down the steps a lot better. Mom is excited to feel better and to get back to doing the blog. We don't have many pictures of us with our new brother because we don't like to get too close yet.Here is Patches checking out what is going on.

After Sunday all the family leave and Mom and Dad are on their own. We'll see how that goes. Mom has to go back to the surgeon on Tuesday to see how her healing is going. We'll try to post more this week with more pictures.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Owen Malcolm
born 4/15/09
7lbs 4 oz.
20 inches long

Guess what everyone? We have a new addition to the family. We are happy to show off little baby Owen.
The abduction wasn't completely successful so mom had to be cut open to get him out. Our mom and dad were gone for quite a few days and Mom is still in some pain. Updating will come as soon as mom feels more up to it but here are some pictures to tide you over.
P.S. Today is our Dad's birthday. We have lots of birthdays in April in our family. We wish him a very happy Birthday.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tuna Cake

Here is the tuna cake I got for my birthday.This tuna cake was really yummy!

Thank you to everyone that wished me a Happy Birthday. It was a pretty nice day. Now my mom and dad are trying to get this baby out so they can be home for the weekend. We will probably not post for awhile until Mom has time to help us. There will be a lot of visitors for the first few days so Mom hopes she will have time to give an update.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy 5th Birthday Patches!

This is my very first picture. This is when Mom fell in love with me.

Today is my birthday. Five years ago I was borned on my grandma's farm. My mom and dad saw me when I was only a few days old. Mom had been wanting to get a calico cat and I just was born at the right time. They told Grandma that they wanted me so she kept her eye on me. I was borned in a chainsaw box and tried to escape several times. Grandma finally took me and my litter mates inside and mom and dad came and visited me many times. Mom says I'm getting old because I'm getting some gray hairs. My mom cat was a dilute calico so I say I'm just changing colors. I'd show lots of pictures of me as a baby but that was a time before mom and dad had a digital camera.

This is me as a tiny kitten at one of my Mom and Dad's visits.

I will post a picture of me and my tuna cake tonight. I have lots of tuna and temptations and lots of nip to share so teleport over and we can celebrate.

Tomorrow morning is when Mom and Dad will go to the hospital to start the abduction. Hopefully we will have a baby home by the weekend. We are not so sure about this but Mom bought us Sheba to butter us up so maybe it won't be too bad. We will post pictures and info as soon as our Mom and Dad get home with the new baby.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Fantastic Friday

We would really like to thank everyone who has purred and prayed for our family so hard. In every way your purrs have helped. We are so glad that we became a part of this community. It had seemed like we were going to have a rough year and Mom was hopeful with the start of each month that this month would be better and we can finally say that April is going to be a good month. Our Dad's biopsy came back great and he has to be seen every 8 weeks instead of every 6 weeks is good news. Our Mom found out yesterday that she got the job she was hoping for. Although she is sad to leave the people she is working with and nervous about starting a new job with a new baby she is excited. We are happy for her because she will be making more green papers and won't be so crabby about money. For the baby news today is the baby's due date. They have that abduction thing set up for Wednesday next week and Mom will be at the hospital all day but hopefully then she can get that baby out and bring it home. Oh and Patches' birthday is on Tuesday. She will be 5 years old. Mom still needs to buy her a can of tuna and her 5 year old candle. We will be sure to post pictures of it. This weekend is supposed to be nice so we are hoping to go out on our leashes like the pictures. We are sick of the cold weather and want to get outside more. We hope everyone has a great Easter weekend!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Mancat Monday

Mom still hasn't had that baby yet. If she doesn't have it by Thursday the human vet is scheduling an abduction or something like that. We got a little bit of snow yesterday. It is all sunny today but Mom said that looks are deceiving and it is not very warm out. We did get to go out on Friday and had our first run in with a squirrel. It was making all sorts of noises at us. At first we wanted to eat it but the leashes got in the way. Then it was just annoying. It finally saw that we weren't going to be able to chase it and went away. Well back to being a lazy mancat.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Another Dad Update!

As you can see Nemo also fits into our two story townhouse. As you can also see, I am not pleased. He is showing me his belly and being submissive but it does not make me any more happy that he is in there.

Mom is taking over our blog to give you a Dad update. We said as long as we got to post a picture of us today she could talk about Dad.

We want to thank you all for all the purrs and prayers. We think they are the reason we can report such good news. At the biopsy and doctor was really concerned because it came back in about 4 months time. The first biopsy was moderate dysplasia and he made it sound like this looked exactly the same and it was either the same tissue or worse. This biopsy came back negative for any abnormal tissue. The thing they took off was a pus filled granule that was probably caused by the first biopsy. He still needs to go back for regular checks but instead of 6 weeks they will be 8 weeks apart. This is also great because it means less payments to the doctor as well as him not having to have a camera stuck up his nose and down his throat. It is a happy day at our house. Thank you all again for all the purrs and prayers for us. That is one less thing for us to have to worry about. It means a lot to all of us to have such support from people we have never met.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Holy Cats

You see the above picture. We were going outside everyday and it had even reached 75. We don't have any pictures to prove this but it snowed here this weekend. It got very cold and really snowy and it even stuck. Luckily it is gone now but we have wind. Mom says that if I was to go out today I could be a Patches kite. That sounds like it could be a little fun.

Today is the day Dad finds out the results of the biopsy. Mom and Dad are trying to be really hopeful that things are not bad. We don't really want our Dad to have more surgery but we also don't want to think about the awful c word. Mom has yet to hear about the job yet. She has been feeling a little down thinking about it but whatever happens she is glad that she at least still has a job.

Our Grandma and Grandpa cat came to visit last weekend to get things ready for the baby. If we aren't around much in the next few weeks that might mean Mom had the baby. She is our primary typist but we will beg Dad to come on and make an announcement. Her due date is April 10 but she has had a few rough evenings with little sleep and she says she is ready to be done. We will keep checking on our friends blogs even if we can't post so we won't go away completely. We will update tomorrow about Dad's appointment. Wish us luck.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Nemo's way of going outside

I have been getting comments on how some of you are a little afraid of the outside world. I am too so I wanted to show you a pictorial guide on how to make those first few steps. I have two ways of doing this and this is the method for those that are just scared of anything outside.

This is right outside the door. I'm a little crabby because I usually am dragged out here because Patches wants to go straight out where I like to take my time but Mom or Dad are holding onto two leashes.You have to sniff and investigate. Make sure you have an escape route. I'm looking at my door hoping I can figure out how to get in.
Take some slow steps down. One paw at a time but always keep an eye on your safety zone.It is OK to get a little scared and go back. The world is a very scary place and these things take time.
This move I call the stretch move. You act as though you are stretching and it makes you look a little less of a scaredy cat.

If you repeat the above steps you will eventually get to the bottom of the steps. It is still pretty scary at the bottom but it is a lot of work to climb back up the steps so might as well enjoy some grass or a good dirt pile before going back up. These things take time so don't expect to get to the bottom right away. I am very scared of everything. If the wind blows a leaf I am ready to go inside. My Mom and Dad think its very funny that even if they sniff, I jump. If I can do it anyone can.