Thursday, March 26, 2009

Nemo's way of going outside

I have been getting comments on how some of you are a little afraid of the outside world. I am too so I wanted to show you a pictorial guide on how to make those first few steps. I have two ways of doing this and this is the method for those that are just scared of anything outside.

This is right outside the door. I'm a little crabby because I usually am dragged out here because Patches wants to go straight out where I like to take my time but Mom or Dad are holding onto two leashes.You have to sniff and investigate. Make sure you have an escape route. I'm looking at my door hoping I can figure out how to get in.
Take some slow steps down. One paw at a time but always keep an eye on your safety zone.It is OK to get a little scared and go back. The world is a very scary place and these things take time.
This move I call the stretch move. You act as though you are stretching and it makes you look a little less of a scaredy cat.

If you repeat the above steps you will eventually get to the bottom of the steps. It is still pretty scary at the bottom but it is a lot of work to climb back up the steps so might as well enjoy some grass or a good dirt pile before going back up. These things take time so don't expect to get to the bottom right away. I am very scared of everything. If the wind blows a leaf I am ready to go inside. My Mom and Dad think its very funny that even if they sniff, I jump. If I can do it anyone can.


Gandalf and Grayson said...

Nemo, we remember how scary it was! Mom tried us on several kinds of harnesses in our other yard in the big city. We always managed to get the harnesses off so we couldn't go outside except for our screened porch.

Luckily, we moved to the country about 3 years ago and now we get to go out in our yard in the morning before Mom goes to work and a little while in the evening when she gets home from work.

Daisy said...

Nemo, I do that stretch move, too! It's a good secret. Harley is more scairted of the Outside than I am. Maybe because he's still young.

The Creek Cats said...

These pics remind us of Ferris on his harness. He was so scared of the great outdoors when we first took him out.

Thank you so much for your kind words about Cal, it means so much to us!

Tristan and Crikey said...

I'm leaving the outside to Crikey! ~Tristan

Tuck said...

I'll trade ya places Nemo! I've been trying to get outside but the humans won't let me.

michico*Adan said...

Me live at urban city,
8th floor from the ground,
I can't go outside at all like you.
Too dangerous~~~

Glad to see you are moving around outside, looks great to me!