Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Catch up on Tuesday

Some crazy things have happened around here. Remember when we had a bat? Well, we have had 2 more bath instances in the last 2 weeks. Maybe it was the same bat, who knows? The first time baby Owen had woken up and wouldn't go back to sleep at 5 in the morning so we went downstairs. Mom thought she saw something fly by and we ran after it. Mom grabbed Owen and we all got locked upstairs until Dad caught it. Then, a week later Mom was sleeping and it was 4AM and she heard something funny and thought it was the fan. She opened her eyes and there was a bit flying around. We all hid in Owen's room and he didn't even wake up. We think we got all the bat places sealed up, we hope. You can imagine all the excitement. We just have been too tired to post.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Long Overdue Mancat Monday

Hi guys! Remember us? Dad finally got his imac back so we can post pictures. We usually use a macbook but Mom's wireless has been sickly lately so it doesn't always work. Besides, all the good pictures are on the imac. It was a little bit hot this weekend and I was a little bit lazy as you can see.

My sardine is so far away!

So close but I'm too lazy to move.