Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Mrowin Lazy

Therf a hawt adfussery today say's the weathernet. Mom and Dad have teh airz on full blast for me but it's not enough for mah handsome furrz. Pluz I'm stillz having problemz gettin fullie regulated on mah new ProZinc Infulins. On weec I'm 33 the nex I'm 200. Dad sayz I cost him much greens. It must be because I So Mrowin Hot....

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Update on Patches!

We've been having a rough couple of weeks and expensive couple of weeks. Our new house is leaking water everywhere. Nemo's insulin had some sort of instability so that had to be changed. Now we have to go through the whole expensive process of getting him regulated. This new insulin cost close to $100 for a bottle. We took advice of everyone and took Patches to the vet about peeing. They did tests but nothing. Kinda wish it was just a uti and not behavioral. The vet thought the litter probably was Ok since she is pooping in there. They also recommended the feliway and they carried it there so we got that today. Today's bill for Patches was over $100 bucks. Mom had to go to the ER for muscle spasms last month too. It has just been a rough one and a depressing time. We will get back to our updates soon. Thanks for listening to our rant for the day.