Sunday, November 30, 2008

Lazy Sunday

This is the day we like to call lazy Sunday. Mom and Dad try to get all the housework done before the afternoon so we can all be lazy together on the couch. Today the cats are being lazy but not the people. It is still snowing out and this is what it looks like out there now.
That is the view from our front porch. Mom said that it was time to play in the snow. We got all excited when our harnesses came out and we were going outside. Once she opened the door, we were not pleased. Nemo went about a step out the door before meowing and pawing to get in.
Patches was a little more adventurous and wanted to investigate even though she was shivering.
Mom says she likes to remind us how good we have it being inside cats. Once inside Patches had to clean her paws but Nemo decided to warm up.We hope you all enjoyed a long Thanksgiving weekend and will be able to relax today like Nemo.

Saturday, November 29, 2008


We hope everyone had a very good Thanksgiving. Even though our mom and dad were gone they came back today and brought with them some turkey and some pumpkin pie for us. When they came home something else was going on outside. It is hard to tell from the pictures but it is snowing. It has snowed a couple times this winter but it never sticks to the ground. Mom of course, scoops us up and makes us go out and see the snow. We don't really care for the cold outside. We are not savages, we require heat and 12 square meals a day. It is really good to have our humans home again. It is kind of boring without them around and we don't get fed as often. Now we are going to rest with mom and look out the window. We are going to try to visit some friends too. It is hard to get around to everyone and comment, but we are always reading the posts. Oh, we've done some Christmas card exchanges on other blogs but if anyone wants a card from us or would like to exchange cards we would be delighted to send them out. Just email us at kaltsaskats at gmail dot com.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thursday Thirteen-Thankful

It of course has been busy around here this week so we've been busy trying to get mom or dad to sit for a moment. Mom was sick last night and all she did was sit but she could not bring herself to blog with us. Oh well, this year we are thankful for many things and thought we'd tell everyone what we are thankful for.

1. We are thankful that we have a furrever home that has people who spoil us rotten.
2. We are thankful for catnip.
3. Patches is thankful that mom doesn't mind that I'm in the bathroom with her every morning.
4. We are thankful for lots of windows to watch birdies.
5. Nemo is thankful that I got to eat lots of ham tonight.
6. Nemo is thankful that I didn't even get into trouble when I wiped my poop on the floor and bedskirt.
7. Patches is thankful that mom's baby in her belly isn't kicking me yet.
8. We are thankful that the sun warms our fur every morning.
9. We are thankful for temptations.
10. We are thankful for fancy feast.
11. We are thankful Halloween is over and we don't have to put on ridiculous outfits.
12. We are thankful for water in a glass.
13. We are thankful for our mom and dad.

Our people are leaving us for Thanksgiving. We used to always get to go with and eat lots of food and pass out with the people but grandma got a dog and they seem to always have a flea problem and mom is sick of dealing with it so we are staying home. Mom and Dad made Thanksgiving dinner for friends tonight so we got to eat and they promise to bring leftovers.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

An Update on our dad and some news to share.

Well, today is going to be word Wednesday here. We have had so many great comments asking about our dad so we thought we would give a little update. Dad was all back to normal quickly because it was just the biopsy. We are waiting for full results and have that appointment on December 2. Dad got his tooth fixed so its not chipped anymore. Last Sunday dad left at night and stayed all night somewhere else. When he came home he smelled funny. He said that he went for a sleep study. Sounds like a fun job, study someone sleeping. Dad snores furry badly and none of us cats like it, especially not our mommycat. He has snored forever and mom already wears earplugs but still can't sleep. They are recommending a CPAP machine to push air in his nose. He said after they let him wear that, he had the best sleep ever. We have to wait until December 2 for that too but soon we can all sleep in peace. The other news we want to share is that our mom keeps talking about a special delivery coming in April. Her and dad keep telling us we are going to be a big brother and a big sister. They also keep talking about a baby in mom's belly and how she thinks it will be funny when it kicks us when we lay on her. I don't know what she is talking about. I hope someone can tell us what that means fur us. Mom says that we will still be their first children and we will still be spoiled. I guess we will see when April comes. Mom says we are going to do regular posts next week with the themes. She thinks if we stay with that it won't be so hard for her to think and look for pictures to post.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

This is the story of a cat named Patches!

Finally mom says I can tell you about me. She doesn't understand that my story is very important and I want to tell it. Today when mom and dad went to the store they left the laptop open. I pushed all buttons but couldn't do this on my own. Now for my story.
This is me as a baby. Mom has tons of pictures of me as a baby but they are real pictures and we don't have a scanner anymore. Well, I was born on a farm in Bloomington, Wisconsin. I was borned on April 14, 2004 in a chainsaw box. My mom saw me when I just opened my eyes and it just happened she and dad would be moving into a place where they could have cats in June. My grandma had to keep me safe which wasn't a very easy job. I tried to escape a lot and I was very adventurous. My grandma brought me inside on her porch with my sisters and brothers. Also on the porch were baby chickens hatching and some doves. My mom and dad visited every weekend until they took me home. They would laugh and laugh as I would run around and then just fall over and sleep. I finally got to go to my forever home in June. My mom spoiled me lots and I have become her baby. They took me everywhere. I got to go to grandmas house for holidays. Sometimes they would take me for drives out in the country and we would stop at parks for me to walk. People looked at my mom and dad funny but I had so much fun.
This is how me and mom sleep every night. Mom goes to bed and I come after making my rounds and she lifts the blanket for me. Sometimes my mom and dad think I believe I am a human. I even talk to them when they talk to me. I do not meow, except when I am in the shower or car. I make these weird noises that sound like a dove. I told mom that I can't help up, that is all I heard when I was a baby. I was not happy about getting a brother but I really do love him and worry about him when he is gone. I am still mom's babycakes even though I'm 4 years old. I have to have my mom time when we can cuddle and I like to follow her around all the time. I love my dad too, don't get me wrong.

I'm just a momma's baby. I have tons of other things to talk about for me but mom said we need to save things for later.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Busy weekend

Mom is busy today cleaning because some friends of hers is coming over. Since we moved here in August there are still things that need to be put away and organized better but finding the time and ambition to do it is not always easy. Mom always says that we should do something around the house since we are home everyday, all day but we don't listen. We've been helping mom tonight by whapping things onto the floor after she just picks them up and getting into closets that we don't need to be in. There is only a couple of boxes of knick knacks that have not been put away and as you can see in the pictures we are helping with that as well. Mom wanted to share this funny thing that our dad found. Mom and dad are a little concerned now. You must go to this website to view it. I promise, it is worth it.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

What a week

I've been hiding out from the rain and cold lately. Mom has a hard time finding me to come blog. Nemo isn't any better. You would think these cats didn't have fur coats.
Mom wants to try to get a schedule so we can have our computer time at night. The problem is that it gets dark so early and it makes her tired (and lazy) earlier in the evening. I think that is the reason we have a laptop but what do we know, we are just cats. Mom also needs to take more pictures and Patches still is waiting to tell about how she came to her furever home. So many things to do. We want to thank everyone for continuing to stop by our blog to check on us. We want to thank everyone for their purrs for our dad. We have gone to some of you and thanked you on your blog but we haven't had time to get to everyone yet. Our dad is doing great now. He has another appointment on December 2nd and we think we find our more than so we are just kinda waiting. Dad went to the dentist today because the cold air has been bothering it. They fixed it up so you can't tell it was chipped at all. Patches is going to have to go to the vet next week we think. She seems to have a lump on her toe. She had a small spot before but it has gotten bigger so we are going to have it looked at. We'll let everyone know when and how it goes and if Patches will cooperate, we will take a picture. Mom won't be home until late tomorrow so we'll probably post on Friday.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Our dad is home!

This is how Nemo is resting with his daddycat. Mom and dad had a really long day and they are both pretty tired. Our dads surgery went ok except for the part where they had to put the IV in. Dad isn't a fan of needles and they had a hard time finding a vein. He woke up and had a sore throat and was very hungry. They had to drive a whole hour to get home and mom said it was windy and snowing. Now dad's throat is a little more sore that the pain medicine wore off but he has some to take at home. He also got bubblegum medicine. We have both had that before. Patches loves it and couldn't wait to take it but Nemo would hold it on his tongue and roll it off at the first possible moment. Wouldn't you think they could make it taste different for cats. Well, dad is resting and is very thankful for everyone who stopped by to purr and pray for him. It means a lot to have this community for support and we are so glad to be part of it. We will keep you updated on how things go. Dad has a sleep study next weekend and then an appointment again on December 2nd. We think they tell us the results before that but we aren't sure. Oh and dad came home with a chipped tooth. The doctor said he thinks it happened when they were putting the scope in. Poor dad. This other picture is Patches with dad. Dad is that lump under the blankets. We like to lay on him when he tries to nap.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Purr loud for our dad.

Nemo here. I made it back from the vet today and it wasn't that bad. The worst part was that they waited to give me my fancy feast until after the vet so it seemed like a really long wait for breakfast. It was raining and cold out though. We usually walk on our leashes to the vet and I'm always with my sister when we go but this time it was just me. There were no other animals there yet but my tail got big and puffy and my paws got all sweaty. My sister is usually the brave one to walk in and check out the situation while I slowly try to sneak in undetected. I don't like going there without her. The vet looked at my eye and gave me more drops. I hate the drops but I also am sick of squinting so my humans say that it will make me better. Mom said she wishes she could go to the vet because their prices are much more reasonable there. I have to tell you about something very important about my dad. He has to have surgery tomorrow and have a biopsy for a lump on his larynx. He is pretty young and doesn't smoke so it is likely that it isn't serious but he has to be under general anesthesia. Since I had to have a surgery on my neck once I know how he feels. I will share my story of that sometime, it is still a little embarrassing really. Lets just say sewing needles don't make tasty snacks. What is worse is that he couldn't eat anything after lunch and can't drink anything after midnight. Can you imagine how terrible that would be. He has to wait until 12:30 for the surgery. Mom says she will bring dad home afterwards and we have to take good care of him. That means lots of napping with dad, we like that. We just ask that you think of him tomorrow and purr for him and his larynx.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Cats love Obama!

Well, the election is over and boy are we tired. We stayed up late to watch Obama's speech. Mom and dad are so happy that we finally have a President who is going to be an inspirational speaker and not one that makes them cringe or laugh when he opens his mouth. The weather is starting to change now and it makes us said. We had mid 70's the past two days and will be down to 30's by Friday. They are also talking about the terrible white stuff called snow. Mom always has us go out in the first snow that sticks and takes our picture. Seems cruel if you ask me.

Nemo has to go to the vet tomorrow to have his eye looked at. It seems like each year at this time his eye gets really irritated. We are out of drops so back to the vet. We all think he is just allergic to himself. Our dad is also having some surgery on Friday so we will be worried and pacing the floor until we hear things are ok for him.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Don't forget to vote!

My mom and dad want us to remind you to go out and vote on Tuesday. No matter what side you are on, everyone needs to go out and vote. It sounds like the lines might be long but it is important. I know all us kitties aren't allowed to go out and vote but we can tell our humans to do so. Our parents voted on Saturday and even then there was a line and they had to wait awhile. In other news, we are so happy for the nice weather. A lot of times during this time of year in Iowa, our mom is throwing us in our first snow for the season but would you believe it was in the mid to upper 70's today. We got to go out for a walk today and we love to do that. Nemo seems to have lost his harness but he never goes anywhere but a step out the door. It just means two people need to go out. One to sit by Nemo, the other to walk me over to the grass or anywhere my nose takes me. I like to eat lots and lots of grass but mom says no sometimes because then I go inside and get a pukey. Mom has talked for a long time about getting us new harnesses that fit better and even talked to Daisy's mom about it forever ago and now that one harness is lost, she might break down. Maybe we'll get harnesses in our stockings.

These pictures are from this summer. We live close to a state park and one day we got to go on a hike. It was a lot of fun and we love going outside and know exactly what is being said when asked if we want to go outside. Patches will even respond.

If anyone has any recommendations on cat harnesses that would be greatly appreciated. Patches is about 9lbs and Nemo is around 12-15lbs if that helps. We were looking at the Puppia harness as it seems what a lot of cats use on the blogosphere and look as though they fit better. Let us know if anyone has other recommendations.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

I did not win but I had a great Halloween!

Well, I did not win the best in show but that doesn't get me down. I'm still super excited that I was chosen as a finalist. I would have never thought that others would find me so cute in the pirate costume. There were some really good costumes out there. Mom is already thinking about next year. Halloween is her favorite. We did get to help hand out candy though. We barely had any trick-or-treaters so we have lots of candy left. Mom said we aren't aloud to eat it though. I asked if I could go trick or treating but mom said they don't hand out fancy feast or temptations. One kid did comment on my handsome cat pirate costume but the next group of kids had some sort of whistles and that was very scary for us so we had to watch from the window. My sister also dressed up but not in her angel costume. She had a tshirt to wear that lit up. I'll have to have mom post those pictures later. Here are our costumes for this year. Mom was very proud that I wore that hat really well and now has so many ideas for me.