Saturday, November 1, 2008

I did not win but I had a great Halloween!

Well, I did not win the best in show but that doesn't get me down. I'm still super excited that I was chosen as a finalist. I would have never thought that others would find me so cute in the pirate costume. There were some really good costumes out there. Mom is already thinking about next year. Halloween is her favorite. We did get to help hand out candy though. We barely had any trick-or-treaters so we have lots of candy left. Mom said we aren't aloud to eat it though. I asked if I could go trick or treating but mom said they don't hand out fancy feast or temptations. One kid did comment on my handsome cat pirate costume but the next group of kids had some sort of whistles and that was very scary for us so we had to watch from the window. My sister also dressed up but not in her angel costume. She had a tshirt to wear that lit up. I'll have to have mom post those pictures later. Here are our costumes for this year. Mom was very proud that I wore that hat really well and now has so many ideas for me.


WhimPurr's Whim and the Whiskers said...

You look adorable and I'm sorry about the noisy kids! *purrs*

Daisy said...

You both look so cute! Wearing hats is very, very hard. We only got 4 kids at our house this year. And we got the 150-count bag of candies.

Lucy Belle said...

Hiya! Thanks for dropping by my blog. It's so fun to play dress up. It's already a huge achievement on being chosen as finalists! KUDOS!!