Friday, November 7, 2008

Our dad is home!

This is how Nemo is resting with his daddycat. Mom and dad had a really long day and they are both pretty tired. Our dads surgery went ok except for the part where they had to put the IV in. Dad isn't a fan of needles and they had a hard time finding a vein. He woke up and had a sore throat and was very hungry. They had to drive a whole hour to get home and mom said it was windy and snowing. Now dad's throat is a little more sore that the pain medicine wore off but he has some to take at home. He also got bubblegum medicine. We have both had that before. Patches loves it and couldn't wait to take it but Nemo would hold it on his tongue and roll it off at the first possible moment. Wouldn't you think they could make it taste different for cats. Well, dad is resting and is very thankful for everyone who stopped by to purr and pray for him. It means a lot to have this community for support and we are so glad to be part of it. We will keep you updated on how things go. Dad has a sleep study next weekend and then an appointment again on December 2nd. We think they tell us the results before that but we aren't sure. Oh and dad came home with a chipped tooth. The doctor said he thinks it happened when they were putting the scope in. Poor dad. This other picture is Patches with dad. Dad is that lump under the blankets. We like to lay on him when he tries to nap.


Dana said...

We are glad you daddy is home and wish him the best of luck at his future appointments. We will keep checking for updates. Hope the throat feels better soon!
~The Creek Cats~

Karen Jo said...

I am glad that your Dad's surgery went well, except for the chipped tooth. I hope that his throat will stop being sore soon.

Anonymous said...

Mom and I are glad your Dad is feeling better. The medicine sounds yucky and it's a pity about the toof, but he can get it patched up!

Sending get well purrs.

Everycat said...

I'm glad your Daddy is home and you are all looking after him so well. I bet your Mum is tired too after that drive. You two are remarkable cats, I have never met a cat who is happy to take that pink yucky stuff before. Astounding!

Have a good restful weekend all of you, I will sends some more rumbly purrs.

Whicky Wuudler

Daisy said...

I am glad your dad is home, and the procedure went well (except for the tooth!). I hope the results are good.

Cat-a-holic, Laila and Minchie said...

Kitties are good for what ails you!

Hugs and purrs for the future appointments.

Forty Paws said...

A chipped tooth! That is mean of them doctors! We're glad your dad is home safe now.

Luf, Us

Everycat said...

Just popped by to see how your Daddy is doing. We hope he is still recovering well and we send more rumbly purrs to you all.

Whicky Wuudler

Mickey said...

Hi guys,I came by to catch up on all your news. How is your Dad feeling now? I hope everything is OK!!!
I'm sending purrs your way :)
Purrs Mickey