Wednesday, November 19, 2008

An Update on our dad and some news to share.

Well, today is going to be word Wednesday here. We have had so many great comments asking about our dad so we thought we would give a little update. Dad was all back to normal quickly because it was just the biopsy. We are waiting for full results and have that appointment on December 2. Dad got his tooth fixed so its not chipped anymore. Last Sunday dad left at night and stayed all night somewhere else. When he came home he smelled funny. He said that he went for a sleep study. Sounds like a fun job, study someone sleeping. Dad snores furry badly and none of us cats like it, especially not our mommycat. He has snored forever and mom already wears earplugs but still can't sleep. They are recommending a CPAP machine to push air in his nose. He said after they let him wear that, he had the best sleep ever. We have to wait until December 2 for that too but soon we can all sleep in peace. The other news we want to share is that our mom keeps talking about a special delivery coming in April. Her and dad keep telling us we are going to be a big brother and a big sister. They also keep talking about a baby in mom's belly and how she thinks it will be funny when it kicks us when we lay on her. I don't know what she is talking about. I hope someone can tell us what that means fur us. Mom says that we will still be their first children and we will still be spoiled. I guess we will see when April comes. Mom says we are going to do regular posts next week with the themes. She thinks if we stay with that it won't be so hard for her to think and look for pictures to post.


Dana said...

Woah that is all such great news!!! A baby coming in!!!!!!!
~The Creek Cats~

Max said...

The Man got a CPAP machine a couple years ago and dang did it make a difference for him! He feels WAY better now and he's not nearly as tired all the time like he was.

And Major Congrats on the BIG NEWS! Ya know it means a Sticky Person is gonna be there sooner or later, and after a few months of getting used to it, it's gonna learn to crawl and chase you to try to pull your tail. But don't'll be faster and I'm told it's very good exercise!!!

Everycat said...

Thank you for the update about your Dad, we hear that the CPAP machines are very good. Your Mom will need good sleep too now. Congratulations on the baby brother/sister news too!

Yay for good news and we'll purr for more good news on December 2 too!

Whicky Wuudler