Friday, November 14, 2008

Busy weekend

Mom is busy today cleaning because some friends of hers is coming over. Since we moved here in August there are still things that need to be put away and organized better but finding the time and ambition to do it is not always easy. Mom always says that we should do something around the house since we are home everyday, all day but we don't listen. We've been helping mom tonight by whapping things onto the floor after she just picks them up and getting into closets that we don't need to be in. There is only a couple of boxes of knick knacks that have not been put away and as you can see in the pictures we are helping with that as well. Mom wanted to share this funny thing that our dad found. Mom and dad are a little concerned now. You must go to this website to view it. I promise, it is worth it.


Nina the Torbie said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by our blog! I'm sorry we didn't meet when you lived near Madison. Mom says her boss-man used to teach in Grinnell and that's when he served a cat.

Keep up the good work with the unpacking! It's our job as cats to make sure those boxes are really empty before they disappear.
Purrs & licks, Nina & Victor

Nina the Torbie said...

Actually, Mom and Dad are from El Lay, Catifornia, but have lived in Whiskonsin 14 years. The weirdest was when Mom was in a restaurant in London and the waitress actually went to the same high school as her! Oh, Mr bossman was in Eco-gnomics.

Were you kitties adopted near Madison? Victor's from Wausau by way of Stoughton's Country Animal Haven. I'm from Dane Cty Humane Soc by way of Shelter from the Storm. Bonnie was from Baraboo and we even know what dairy farm her momma was born on!

Yes, it's a small world, but there are a lot of things bigger than a smallish cat like me. Purrs!

Everycat said...

Very well done on helping your Mom so diligently. We laughed at the Plotting page, it's so true!

We hope you are all doing ok and your Dad is still doing well.

Whicky Wuudler