Monday, November 3, 2008

Don't forget to vote!

My mom and dad want us to remind you to go out and vote on Tuesday. No matter what side you are on, everyone needs to go out and vote. It sounds like the lines might be long but it is important. I know all us kitties aren't allowed to go out and vote but we can tell our humans to do so. Our parents voted on Saturday and even then there was a line and they had to wait awhile. In other news, we are so happy for the nice weather. A lot of times during this time of year in Iowa, our mom is throwing us in our first snow for the season but would you believe it was in the mid to upper 70's today. We got to go out for a walk today and we love to do that. Nemo seems to have lost his harness but he never goes anywhere but a step out the door. It just means two people need to go out. One to sit by Nemo, the other to walk me over to the grass or anywhere my nose takes me. I like to eat lots and lots of grass but mom says no sometimes because then I go inside and get a pukey. Mom has talked for a long time about getting us new harnesses that fit better and even talked to Daisy's mom about it forever ago and now that one harness is lost, she might break down. Maybe we'll get harnesses in our stockings.

These pictures are from this summer. We live close to a state park and one day we got to go on a hike. It was a lot of fun and we love going outside and know exactly what is being said when asked if we want to go outside. Patches will even respond.

If anyone has any recommendations on cat harnesses that would be greatly appreciated. Patches is about 9lbs and Nemo is around 12-15lbs if that helps. We were looking at the Puppia harness as it seems what a lot of cats use on the blogosphere and look as though they fit better. Let us know if anyone has other recommendations.


Niko and Cloud said...

We have no idea what the name is, but Mom always bought our harnesses at PetSmart..there was only ever the one brand name that Mom and Dad saw. I fit fine in mine, and Texas fit fine in his, and he was FIFTEEN pounds when he first came to live with the Beans. The harnesses should specify what size they are for.

Daisy said...

We voted!

Maybe you would enjoy going out strollering. I love strollering.