Sunday, November 30, 2008

Lazy Sunday

This is the day we like to call lazy Sunday. Mom and Dad try to get all the housework done before the afternoon so we can all be lazy together on the couch. Today the cats are being lazy but not the people. It is still snowing out and this is what it looks like out there now.
That is the view from our front porch. Mom said that it was time to play in the snow. We got all excited when our harnesses came out and we were going outside. Once she opened the door, we were not pleased. Nemo went about a step out the door before meowing and pawing to get in.
Patches was a little more adventurous and wanted to investigate even though she was shivering.
Mom says she likes to remind us how good we have it being inside cats. Once inside Patches had to clean her paws but Nemo decided to warm up.We hope you all enjoyed a long Thanksgiving weekend and will be able to relax today like Nemo.


Everycat said...

Brrr! Nemo you have snese wanting right back inside. Patches, did you plant your cold paws on humans skin to warm them up? That's a great tactic, it makes the humans very happy. Have a warm and cosy Sunday you two!

Whicky Wuudler.

PS: The smiley face you see when you post an autolinky just means you are logged into autolinkies or something we think (we are new to it all too) Only the cat posting can see the smiley face,

Anonymous said...

Oh, boy! That looks cold. You look nice and comfy in front of the heater, Nemo. We are still having warm fall weather where I live.
Have a good day!