Saturday, November 29, 2008


We hope everyone had a very good Thanksgiving. Even though our mom and dad were gone they came back today and brought with them some turkey and some pumpkin pie for us. When they came home something else was going on outside. It is hard to tell from the pictures but it is snowing. It has snowed a couple times this winter but it never sticks to the ground. Mom of course, scoops us up and makes us go out and see the snow. We don't really care for the cold outside. We are not savages, we require heat and 12 square meals a day. It is really good to have our humans home again. It is kind of boring without them around and we don't get fed as often. Now we are going to rest with mom and look out the window. We are going to try to visit some friends too. It is hard to get around to everyone and comment, but we are always reading the posts. Oh, we've done some Christmas card exchanges on other blogs but if anyone wants a card from us or would like to exchange cards we would be delighted to send them out. Just email us at kaltsaskats at gmail dot com.


Anonymous said...
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Eric and Flynn said...

Brrr that snow looks cold. We hope you enjoyed your turkey and pumpkin pie.

The Island Cats said...

We're suppose to get snow tomorrow...we don't like snow much...hope you enjoyed your turkey and pie...we've never had pie...

Anonymous said...

My name is Harry, I found you on the cat blogosphere. It's nice to meet you. It rained at my house on Thanksgiving and part of yesterday, it's kinda cold outside so I just prefer to stay in. Was the turkey good?

have a good day.

Everycat said...

"We are not savages, we require heat and 12 square meals a day"

Our Mum spluttered coffee over the keyboard when she read that, it's so funny (and true)

Stay warm and cosy whilst you digest the turkey and pumpkin pie you two!

Whicky Wuudler (licking coffee off of his furs)