Monday, July 27, 2009

Contest and Update

So we've been kind of MIA lately since we made our contest. We were a little sad that only one cat family answered. We'd like to be able to post more regularly so we are not forgotten. We have been having some computer and blogger problems so that's why we are so late in posting our results. Our mom's laptops wireless is not working properly, dad's imac is at the doctor and then when we could get on blogger made our whole post go away. We were all a little frustrated with technology so we decided to cuddle first. Mom has to use dad's imac because that is where the pictures are but it is still at the doctors so we'll have to use an old picture for our post. We will be back soon though and get back to posting. We have lots of new pictures to show off.

The only person to respond and the one who got all the questions right were The Creek Cats. We will show pictures of what they won once we got the computer back this week.

1. When is Patches birthday?April 14

2. When is Nemo's birthday?September 5ish

3. What states have we lived in?Wisconsin and Iowa

4. What big event happened in our family this year?Baby Owen was borned

5. What is our favorite food? Fancy Feast of course

6. What do we love most of all? Boxes

7. What was Nemo's Halloween costume? Pirate

8. What was Patches Halloween costume? Angel

9. Do we like the outside? Yes, but Nemo needs to go slow or he gets scared.

10. What do we want our mom to buy us so bad?A stroller

11. What does Nemo usually wear?A bandana

12. What kind of treats do we eat?Temptations

13. What town do we live in? Grinnell, Iowa


The Island Cats said...

Oh we forgot to enter the contest! We're sorry! (But we did see that the Creek Cats answered...and answered all of them right! How'd they know all the answers??)

We hope you're all doing well and little baby Owen is adjusting to you! ;-)

The Creek Cats said...

We had so much fun answering your contest questions.... it was like a scavenger hunt for us! It also helped us to get to know you even better!
We sure hope the computer problems get solved quickly! We miss you guys lots and lots! You are Ferris and Maggie May's dopplegangers!

Daisy said...

Ah, do not feel sad! I knew some of the answers, but I did not know them all so I did not answer. Maybe I should have tried my best, anyway!

Tuck said...

Don't be sad! Some of us just have lazy humans. Like mine...she's been worthless ya?

Tristan and Crikey said...

Concatulations to our good furriends, The Creek Cats!