Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Oh My Cats!

Nemo here. Thanks to everyone who stopped by the blog to wish me a happy birthday. I wanted to post earlier about my birthday coming up and then about my birthday but I've been real lazy. I also just got out of my nip coma from my birthday. My mom thinks I might have a problem. See, I'm a nip addict and I'm a mean one at that. I accidentally bit my mom because she had been giving us pinches of nip and I thought her hand was nip. Once you get on that nip, it does funny things to your vision. I just wanted to share some pictures from my birthday. I didn't get a tuna cake because for the last couple weeks we have periodically ran out of stinky goodness and the humans were too lazy to go to the store so we have been getting tuna some days. Sounds like we should run out of stinky goodness more often.

Here I am eating a catnip cane. I'm intense.
This is my mean face. I was trying to eat the catnip sprinkles.I got the munchies and mom shared her vanilla pudding, even though I bit her.

I had a great birthday. It is actually my gotcha day though. We aren't real sure when I was borned but I was brought home on labor day. Oh well, a party is a party.


The Island Cats said...

Wow! You had a fun birthday! And we know what you mean about the nip...I do that with treats...mom will give me a treat and I practically bite her finger off!!!


The Creek Cats said...

Looks like you had a great party, Nemo!! That nip cane looks like the greatest fun!

Glad you had a great day!

Eric and Flynn said...

Glad you had a good purrfday. Nip does strange things to me too. Sometimes I think I am walking on the ceiling, but Eric tells me I wasn't really.

Quilt Works said...

Happy Birthday! What fun! Funny thing about the nip. One of our kittys likes it, and the other one does not care either way!

Anonymous said...

If they try to make you go to rehab, just say, No! No! No!

SuziQCat said...

Nemo you are quite the handsome fella...you look a lot like my Tanner. Happy Gotcha day!

Everycat said...

Nemo you are such a stoner! Glad you had such a good time though. The bitey is forgiven when a cat is on a nip trip you know :)