Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Look what we got!

So we have been searching Hallmarks for this and we gave up finding it. Then Mom and Dad made a quick stop in a store and found the whole section and low and behold there was the card. Mom and Dad jumped around and told the people they were with that they knew the cat on the front and that we were all a part of the cat blogosphere. Boy, did they learn their lesson. Don't mention that your cat blogs and that you read other cat blogs and expect people to take you seriously. Oh well!

And just an update from all the comments. We cannot imagine going to the vet any other way than on our leashes. We have both only been in a PTU when we went for surgeries so we do not even like to see that thing. On the diet front, Nemo was sitting on our regular scale and it said 14lbs. Now that might not be accurate but he looks a lot thinner already. He has learned how to knock a bag of food over and get into it now so we have to keep things put away. We are also not that strict on that diet so Nemo does get to eat some people food and his regular stinky goodness and treats. We have cut down on fancy feast to only once a week so that seems to be making the biggest difference.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Vet Visit-Thursday 13

So we haven't been on to blog because we are hissed off. Here are 13 things we heard when we went to the vet.

1. Wow those cats do well on leashes.
2. You guys are so pretty and handsome.

3. Wow, that is a big cat.

4. Bark, Bark

5. That bump on Patches foot must be some sort of wart.

6. The dandruff is probably more annoying for the people than the cat.

7. Don't be scared.

8. You only need one shot today.

9. Everything checks out good.

10. We will see you again next year.

11. Patches weights 11.19 lbs

12. Nemo weighs 16.8lbs

13. We need to put you guys on a DIET!

We've been on the diet for a month. Patches isn't much of a problem but it is easier to put them both on the diet because Nemo will eat her food anyway. Nemo seems to be lighter as it isn't as painful as he walks on us and his harness is looser. But boy does he meow for his food in the morning. We hope to get on more often. Stay tuned for more pictures.

Happy 6 month Birthday to our brother Owen.