Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas Photos!

Hi everyone. Nemo has been hogging the blog lately with all his diabetus talk so I thought it was my turn. Mom and Dad had lots of leaking eyes for a few days and lots of time on the computer looking stuff up and then some complaining about monies. Now, they are working on our diet and hoping we can get this under control. We are so thankful for this community of cats and love all the purrs and thoughts for us. We are looking at the bright side. Nemo doesn't even notice the shots, but hates the eye drops he has for his icky eye. Mom tried to do a Christmas photo shoot with us today. Nemo is the only one that ever cooperates though.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Mrooow. I'm having a turrrible murning. I've lost a lot of weight ovur the past couple of months. My peoples are always telling me I need to loose weeght so then when I did they were all worried. Mruh eye is all goopy from consumptioniveris I get errry year so dad took me in to the vet. The doktor poked at me and prodded me and rubbed my eyes. He says 3rd year in a row I have consumptioniveris.

I thought I was done but then he took muh bloods and went away fer an awful long time. After sooo long he come back wif needles and bottles and tell dad that I has diabetus.

Then the doktor wanted dad to give me my furst shot. Dad doesn't like the needles, something to du with botched needles during foot surgury. Dad sucked it up and gaf me my shot. I have to get 2 shots a day now to make me healthy. Dad and doktor talked for a long tyme about the diabetus.

Then dad, took me to the front office and talked some numburs with the lady at the desk. Dad made a loud sigh when he handed over his debit kard. Dad says I'm luky he loves me over his poketbook. I told him Mrow Mrow Mrow (treat me now for taking me to the doktor).

Dad says everything will be fine now that I am on this medafunk.

Going to the vet!

We have been using the World's Best Cat Litter now for a week. I think it is working pretty well. I know Nemo is using it but I never see Patches in the litterbox. We still have another litter box with the regular litter in it. We were happy that not only are we using a cat litter that isn't full of chemicals, it is also made in Iowa, where we live. That makes us happy.

In other news, it looks like Nemo needs to go back to the vet. His eye is getting all read and goopy again. We battle this every year it seems like. We are also going to see what the vet says about Nemo's weight. Mom is concerned, Nemo has been on the diet of dry food but continues to eat wet food and other food but he looks so thin. We are going to see what the vet says.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Litter Help

Sorry we have been absent. Our mommy has been sick on and off for a month so she was too lazy and tired to help us blog. We have been visiting though, just not commenting. We have a problem and really need the help of the cat blogosphere.

We have been using Fresh Step litter since the beginning of time. We have two, sifting covered cat boxes. Mom is sick of the litter dust and litter getting stuck in our paws. She is also sick of feeling that she is being bad to the environment by using all this icky cat litter. We have been trying to get away from chemicals as much as possible and have been really paying attention to our food and what is in it. Now we want to look into different litter solutions. Mom and Dad went to Petsmart today and they purchased feline pine clumping and World's Best Cat Litter. We are going to try them both and see what we like. The idea of flushing our litter clumps sounds great. Much better than putting in a walmart sack like we usually do. Can you tell us what kind of litter you use and if anyone has recommendations that would be great. I'm hoping to not have to purchase 2 new litter boxes but will if need be. So please help us figure out what is the best non-clay based cat litter.