Friday, December 12, 2008

Finally Friday

We are glad its finally Friday and that both our mom and dad only had to work half a day today. We are going to put up the Christmas tree. Mom borrowed a tree from a friend but after putting branches up she doesn't think it will fit so we will have to go back to our small one. Our mom is still sick but we are taking good care of her. Mom was going to let me, Nemo, post for fashion Friday but then my sister had to go to the vet so she thought we would give an update.
Patches speaking. Remember awhile ago I talked about having a weird gray lump on my toe. Well I finally went to the vet today. It was not fun because first it is really cold out there and second I don't like going to the vet by myself. I nestled into Mom the whole time trying to bury myself. The vet looked me over everywhere first and even wanted to see my butt. Mom saw a thermometer sitting out and apologized if that went in my butt but luckily it didn't. We had a nice vet who looked at my toe and was able to just clip it off. He said it was a bunch of dead skin. Mom didn't take a before picture and my paw looks all normal now. I didn't even care when they clipped it off. There was a dog in the waiting room when we left but I did well and even walked to the car. Mom is going to send out the Christmas cards this weekend now that she finally got them all ready to go. She is a little slow at these things. She says there aren't enough hours in the day but we seem to manage to sleep all day. Mom is also proud because she has been able to post every day this week and thinks she has a system down. Hope everyone is ready for the weekend.


Anonymous said...

We're happy that everything turned out just fine with your toe, Patches. Our Mama likes the way that you and Nemo walk with harnesses. She's going to buy one for us and start training us to take walks.

Everycat said...

I'm really glad that your toe is ok and all is well. I hope your Mom feels better soon!

Whicky Wuudler

Max said...

Hey, just dead skin! That's GREAT news!