Sunday, December 7, 2008

Lazy Sunday

As you can tell it is lazy Sunday at our house and that is why we are so late at posting today. It has been a rough week for our mom and dad and between the two they have had doctors appointments everyday last week but Monday. Our dad got his CPAP machine and is now allowed to sleep in the bed again. It was hard for us to get used to that so we kept walking on him. We are all excited that there isn't any snoring and dad isn't having troubles sleeping with the mask on. Our mom went to the doctor and got to see pictures of the baby. She showed us but we don't see what she tells us is in the photo. Mom and dad hoped to find out what kind of baby they were havin but the baby wasn't cooperative. Mom wasn't surprised, shes used to stubbornness. I, Patches, have been very clingy to mom today. We had a nice long cuddle in the blankets this morning and wherever mom goes, I'm right by her side helping. Mom thinks maybe I'm not feeling well because I did throw up last night and this morning but I am still eating and up and moving so who knows. Sometimes I eat too fast and too much at one time, especially my fancy feast and then throw up. Do any of you cats burp? I burp all the time on my mom but Nemo never burps, his comes out the other end. Mom has to get back to decorating for Christmas, we are snoopervising all the things to knock down.


Everycat said...

I'm real glad you are having a snuggly Sunday, you all deserve a peaceful time after the week you have had.

Angel burps after eating and so does Oliver

Whicky Wuudler

Everycat said...

I saw you asked about my ears!

My right ear is really mangled from my days as a feral tom cat. Abcesses and haematomas cause this kind of mangling, where the healing ear produces scar tissue and this bends the ear pinna. When I first became a house cat, my right ear was totally folded in on itself, a small operation at the vets unmangled it slightly. It has to be cleaned out weekly with Epiotic as the folds in the skin mean the wax doesn't drain out and I could get problems. Our current vet *spit* would like to remove the ear pinna completely as this operation would yield her big bucks, but my humans said "no" as it causes me no problems and the operation is a big one, a difficult healer etc. Our apes still find it a shock when Gerry licks them, it's just so schmoooooth!