Sunday, December 14, 2008

Lazy Weekend

Well, we had such a lazy weekend that we didn't even post yesterday and we are very late at posting tonight. Our mom tried to put up a giant tree but it doesn't fit so we put up the small tree we used to have. We of course thought it wise to taste it because who doesn't want to taste a fake Christmas tree. Here we are posing. Of course not at the same time.
Our mom was feeling really miserable on Saturday and couldn't breathe through her nose, her throat hurt and she was coughing. We laid on the couch all day with her and it seemed to be working. She is feeling a lot better today and was even able to make dinner and taste it somewhat. Mom got our Christmas cards out to those who sent us addresses. We still have some left so if anyone wants one yet, even if its late we'd love to send one so let us know. Nemo will be posting for mancat Monday tomorrow. It is furry cold here tonight so we are glad we are indoor kitties.

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Everycat said...

What a sweet little tree, that's delightful, bet it tasted interesting.

We hope your Mom feels much better soon, colds are miserable but it does mean that you get to snuggle with her more

Whicky Wuudler