Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thursday Thirteen err eight

Our mom has come down with a cold so she is sleepy and blowing her nose a lot and sniffing. We are trying to take care of her but she whines an awful lot when she is sick. Mom's cold is affecting her creative part of her brain but we said we'd help up and come up with 13 random things to say, mainly responses to comments.

1. Thank you Whicky Wuudler for telling us about your ear. We are sorry you had a rough feral life before but are glad that you have a nice place to live now.

2. We are so excited about getting mail and we have gotten more cards than our mom and dad this year. Mom thinks the mailman might think we are crazy but oh well.

3. We are also excited about secret paws. Mom was checking our email constantly until we finally got our names and can't wait to go shopping.

4. We can't believe there are so many people as crazy as us out there that there is a whole cat blogosphere. Who would've thought that people would help cats blog.

5. Related to above, mom does not go advertising that she does this because she knows she will get strange looks but most of her Internet time is cat related.

6. We do have a boogie mat. The only bad thing is the zipper is broken so we have never put new nip in it. We can still smell the nip and will go crazy. Mom says she will eventually fix the zipper but we don't believe it.

7. Nemo says he will need to get some more business attire to work for all those who requested. He has a neck tie and a bow tie. If the work environment is casual enough he can wear his bandanna.

8. We are usually told to get off the laptops but when they are not looking we sit on them. On many occasions we have made mom and dad say bad words because we have erased parts of papers or added pages and pages of random gibberish. Patches usually manages to make new folders on the desktop and once she used hotmail to chat with someone for multiple messages back and forth.

I guess we aren't as good as this without mom's help that we only had 8 things to say today. We saw that we were tagged for the 6th picture meme. We have done it once but since we have two computers with two sets of pictures we will love to tell another story. Dad is playing on the computer now so we can't bother him until later. We will also post our award tomorrow when our mommie is rested and has her head on straight. We picked a random pic for today so you wouldn't forget what we looked like after one day.


Everycat said...

Only eight things? But what interesting and amusing things! You concentrate on taking care of your Mom (ear plugs to block out the whining are good -I use 'em) We think it's great that there are so many cats and cat people on the net YAY!

Whicky Wuudler

PS: Thank you for being so kind about me and that grotty old life I used to have!

Dana said...

So sorry your mommy is sick, we hope she feel better really soon!
Our mom agrees with your mom and she thinks our mail lady thinks she is nuts too! Not to mention the photo developers at our Walmart where we got our Halloween and Christmas cards done this year.
~The Creek Cats~

Daisy said...

Well, even though there are only eight things, they are very interesting things!

I hope your mom feels better soon!

Chancy, Jake, Babe and Ernies Voice said...

Don't catch your Mom's cold.