Friday, January 23, 2009

Finally Friday

No new fashions today. Mom is lazy I think. It seems to be a recurring theme. Mom keeps saying she is so glad that it is Friday. We want to thank Daisy and Everycat for editing our eye pictures and emailing us tips. Mom is going to play around with Photoshop this weekend and see what she learns. Until she learns it everyone might have to deal with our glowing eyes. Guess what else mom has been too lazy to do this week? Take pictures. Not a single picture was taken since our Fashion Friday post last week. That is ridiculous. We won't stand for that again that's for sure. It is not like we were not being cute. There were plenty of opportunities for pictures. Here are old pictures of us.This picture is from 2004 at my first Christmas. It is a little bit of fashion for me. I'm very dramatic and love my long scarf and my grandma's chair. I'm cute aren't I?
This is me as a baby in 2005. I no longer fit on that perch or in it for that matter. Mom misses me as a kitten. She says I am much heavier now and crush her when I make biscuits on her ribs. I was shy for the camera when I was little.

I hope mom has newer pictures of us for next week. We need to train her better.


Anonymous said...

No new pictures? That's okay. Your Mom has to save some energy for that special package that's coming in April!

The Meezers said...

aww you were both furry cute!!

of course you are invited to Billy's gotchaday party - it will be in late february. but in the meantime, you can always come to Billy's tuesday dance parties!!! they're alwyas fun!!

HEE HEE - our werd verifikshun says PUKER

The Creek Cats said...

We just love the pic of Patches in her beautiful scarf. The color compliments the fur quite nicely!

Our mom has photoshop, but she can't figure out how to fix the lasers.

Thanks so much for the purr for our Pop! You are so right, cats are just superior!

Daisy said...

It was fun playing around with the photo! But I do not mind the lazer-y eyes, either. My Mommie tried to learn Photoshop from the manual and a book, but she got too frustrated. So she just monkeyed around with it until she figured it out!

Eric and Flynn said...

Those are cute baby photos. Our mum hasn't taken any new photos this week either. She sez that if we don't do anything except sleep, what's she sposed to take photos of.

The Island Cats said...

Hey, we love the old pictures of you just as much too!

Everycat said...

Hey it's cool to see you in the past - those are sweet pictures. If our tragic ape has time next week she says she will try and write down what she does for eyes in PS - but she's still working it out. Like Daisy's Mom she just had to play around and find out what works or doesn't. The books make it seem harder!

Have a great weekend!

Whicky Wuudler