Monday, January 5, 2009

Tattletale Tuesday

OK, so our pictures of having to take the bath make it look super terrible but really its not that bad. Afterwards, they turn the heat on high and wrap us in towel and treat us like babies. For Patches, she gets to use the blow dryer and fluffs her up real nice. Mom loves to cuddle with us when we get all dry because we are so soft. Mom is so glad that we are so good and just kind of walk around in the water. We really have not been doing much lately. We did help with taking the Christmas decorations down. We like to jump in the boxes and inspect everything before it gets put away.
Nemo has been doing lots and lots of napping just like usual.
Sorry this is so late in posting. Mom was trying to get it ready last night and our Internet went down and just got back up. Ugh, technology

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Everycat said...

We applaud the way that Nemo takes up the WHOLE couch and we are AMAZED that Patches doesn't mind the blow dryer!

Gald you are having lots of good naps, it's what winter is for!

Whicky Wuudler