Monday, January 26, 2009

Mancat Monday

We haven't really done anything all weekend. It was nice. It got cold again and we don't like that. Mom and Dad went shopping this weekend and they always spend more money on us then they do themselves. That's OK with us. They bought us different foods to try. We are usually pretty picky on what we eat and mom is trying to find something that we like that isn't full of junk. We will never give up our fancy feast stinky goodness or dry food though. Now we have 3 different bowls on the floor to see what we eat. It is like a buffet. Here is my mancat Monday picture. I'm very manly.No Patches that is not a turd. It is my nip cigar. Every mancat needs a cigar.


The Creek Cats said...

Sounds like you guys are as spoiled as us....that's a good thing!
Hey, we want a catnip cigar too! We are gonna search the net for one right now!

Anonymous said...

We wanna go over to your house to eat and smoke.

The Island Cats said...

Hey, doing nothing all weekend is okay in our book! We got our nip cigar too cuz we're manly mancats!

Wally & Ernie